FFCRA Leave Eligibility Calculator

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The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) went into effect on April 1 2020. There are important details business owners and HR leaders need to know about, including eligibility for paid leave under two new programs. This paid leave is in addition to other new programs, like SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loans. At Everee, we […]

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How small businesses can access loans during the COVID-19 crisis

Closed restaurant

It’s only been a few weeks since work and life changed radically, thanks to new social and physical distancing requirements. In that short time, however, many businesses across the country are coping with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.  While some businesses remain open as essential businesses, many companies are facing an extreme slowdown in […]

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Why I’m joining Everee

We’ve all been there. It’s a few days before payday, and you’re low on cash. You’ve gotten used to scraping by and limiting expenses as payday nears, but this time something happens. Your car breaks down. Your electric bill is higher than you planned for. You’ve run out of groceries.  When my kids were little, […]

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2020 W-4 form: 5 things to know

Most employees fill out a W-4 form when they first start a job and never think of it again. But the start of the new year is a good time for them to review their tax status and decide if it makes sense for them to submit a new 2020 W-4 form.  This year, the […]

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Payroll automation saves Tom’s Sunday evenings


CPA Tom Colligan handles payroll and accounting for Step Mountain Medical, which also happens to be his father-in-law’s clinic. Every two weeks, he went through the same manual processes: Sifting through boxes of paper. Reviewing timesheets, recalculating time and researching discrepancies. Entering information into a spreadsheet. Creating and printing checks for every employee. It would […]

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