Gig worker classification: What you need to know

Gig worker classification

President Biden’s labor secretary said recently that he thinks many gig workers should be classified as employees who deserve work benefits such as health care, sick leave and overtime pay. This will have far-reaching implications for the gig economy, the workforce and workplace laws in general. The administration has been vocal about their interest in […]

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The best way to pay independent contractors

Businesses everywhere are paying independent contractors—they’re the worker of choice for seasonal services, door-to-door companies and the growing gig industry. With more independent contractors being hired, you need the right policies and tools to utilize 1099 employees in your business. This means looking at existing processes, determining the best way to pay independent contractors and […]

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Streamline the way you build & manage work schedules

Creating work schedules is complicated. Managing your team’s availability, forecasting labor costs, and approving swaps and time-off requests can easily add hours to your already heavy workload. When you add in the need to schedule multiple locations and roles, it can feel totally overwhelming. We want to make running your business as easy as possible, […]

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1099 vs W-2: What’s the difference and which worker classification should you choose

1099 vs W-2

This post was written based off a webinar about W-2 vs. 1099 classification with HR expert and CEO of ModHR Sidney Bruce and tax attorney Ephraim Olson. The 1099 vs W-2 debate has been almost continually in the news of late, as state rules change around worker classification and enforcement has increased. This has been […]

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