Payroll software

A buying guide for small businesses

If your small business has grown to the point that you have to start thinking about payroll as most established companies think about payroll, selecting the right payroll provider is an important decision. Selecting a tool that can minimize the administrative headaches, scale with your company’s growth, and meet the needs of your employees can turn payroll from a necessary evil to a smoothly operating cog in a well-oiled machine.

Goodbye, payroll problems

Boost employee retention and streamline every step of the payroll process with an intelligent platform built for small businesses.

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What our customers are saying

‘The onboarding process was seamless… I love that employees can access their own accounts, enter their own time cards, and have all of the information they need available on their phone.’

Marc Christensen Owner at Dented Brick Distillery

‘Everee is a way for us to innovate and improve our business in a way that’s tangible and powerful for our employees and our customers. It’s improved how we’re managing our employees from a reporting standpoint and from a number of different areas, and getting them paid more quickly is a great benefit.’

Sean Wilson Owner at Chip Cookies

‘With Everee, we’ve kept our turnaround at a minimum because of the ability to pay our employees every day. They are a team of trustworthy leaders, and have created a wonderful environment for their clients.’

Brandon Spragg CEO Elite Bed Bug