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Spend less time building schedules and more time running your business

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Scheduling with Everee

Managing multiple locations? No problem.

View scheduling alerts, labor costs and staff availability
across locations.

Easily adjust hours and staff levels to meet business
needs in minutes.

When you’re on the go, you can make approvals for time off and coverage requests right from your phone.


Keep labor costs under control

Get real-time visibility into labor costs and staffing levels, so you’re never surprised by unexpected expenses. With scheduling, time clock and payroll all in one platform, you have the data you need to better manage your team.

It’s improved how we’re managing our employees from a reporting standpoint and from a number of different areas. The administrative ease Everee provides for me is fantastic.

Sean Wilson,CEO and co-founder at Chip Cookies

Workers can see their schedule from anywhere

Using their mobile device, workers can easily view when they’re scheduled to work, see up-to-date timesheets and clock in for their shift.

Picking up hours, swapping shifts and requesting coverage only takes a few clicks.


Everee is your all-in-one solution

Make scheduling a part of your system