Time tracking that takes no time at all

Make it easy for employees to clock in and out, and get real-time data on time punches with tracking tools built into our payroll platform. It’s so simple, everyone will love using it.

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See issues right away

Someone clocks into a shift but forgets to clock out. An employee logs more hours than they were scheduled for. Someone clocks in miles away from your business. Our reporting allows you to see discrepancies like these in real time, so you can fix them before they become problematic.

Never waste time tracking down hours again

Managers can verify and approve hours daily in just one click. It reduces the risk of inaccurate punches and other errors, and means payroll admins don’t have to scramble to reconcile all hours at the end of the pay period, which we all know is never fun.

Use one system and only one system

With an integrated time clock, you’ll never have to stress about importing hour data from one tool into your payroll system. Feel confident you always have the most current data when you run payroll.

Automate PTO and other time off requests

Employees can view PTO balance and easily request time off via our mobile app. Managers can approve requests just as quickly. Employees can also file for emergency paid sick leave and access other leave benefits.

Chip Cookies
“Sometimes we forget to clock in or we forget to clock out but the nice thing is our managers have to approve it every single day. That creates a level of integrity. They’re able to call us or we’re able to call them and just get it fixed right away.”

Rylie Prescott, baker at Chip Cookies

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