Grow your labor
supply to meet

Have a competitive pay strategy to attract contingent workers to your company, and onboard new hires fast to meet demand. With Everee, you can have instant or same-day pay and a seamless worker experience.

Get people up-and-running quickly
with frictionless onboarding

If you have an app or a web experience where you manage workers, you can easily implement our technology into your own UX. Capture direct deposit details, I-9 verification and tax withholding information using our embeddable components in your onboarding process. Your workers will be able to change personal information, view paystubs, and sign taxes documents without ever leaving your experience.

Reduce the operational complexities
of running your businesst

Easily bulk upload payment information or use our APIs to automate payments. With our APIs, you can onboard new workers or track shift information in your own system and push the info to us, saving time and reducing errors. We also handle things like tax filings and year-end 1099s, so you can spend less time on compliance.

Navigate complex worker
classification issues with ease

It’s a hot topic. Are your workers employees or independent contractors? The beauty of Everee is that you can have both depending on the state laws where you operate. We support 1099 and W2 worker types, offering the same fast-pay experience for both, so you can choose the classification that best protects your business.

Have the working capital to
pay fast without cash flow woes

Your workers want to get paid fast but you have to wait weeks or even months to get paid by your clients. We help you bridge that gap by funding worker payments via our credit network. You pay us later, after you invoice accounts or on your standard pay cycle.

The number one reason we switched [to Everee] is that we needed to figure out a way to pay our people much faster or else we weren’t going to make it. Everee has been huge. I think it’s a pretty big competitive advantage for us. It’s a weapon that we are able to utilize against more old-school staffing companies and employers.

Grow your workforce.
Grow your business.