Keep your best people happy with faster commissions

No one wants to wait for a commission payment. It kills motivation for reps and can cause financial woes. With Everee, you can process commission payments in seconds and pay out the same day, so people can see the value of their hard work right away.

Speed up recruiting and
make onboarding seamless

List same-day commissions in your job descriptions to attract top performers to your business. Once you make a hire, get them up-and-running fast. If you have an app or web experience where you manage reps, you can embed parts of technology into your onboarding workflow to capture direct deposit details, I-9 verification and tax withholding information.

Give people the financial
freedom they need

Show your reps you care about their financial health by paying them the same day they close a deal at zero cost to them. They can also receive funds wherever they need it, whether it’s to their bank account or apps like Venmo.

Make processing commissions
and more totally painless

Maybe you have a team that manages payroll in a different tool, but it moves too slow for commission-based roles. Use Everee to easily bulk upload commission information, bonuses or spiffs, or use our APIs to automate payments, save time and reduce errors.

Never stress about compliance
or 1099 filings again

We support 1099 and W2 worker types, offering the same fast-pay experience for both, so you can choose the classification that best protects your business. We also handle things like tax filings and year-end 1099s.

It really takes us less than five minutes to submit payments. I love it — it’s super easy. I don’t have to make people wait for their money, which is nice because commission-based workers don’t want to...

Faster pay. Better reps.