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Join forces with Everee to give your clients a modern payroll solution with same-day and instant payouts. They’ll thank you for giving them a competitive edge for hiring and retaining employees.

Ways to partner

Boost revenue with your own payroll solution

Your brand, our software. We give you everything you need to quickly launch and sell your own payroll product, including:

Integrate to become a one-stop-shop

You’ve solved your customers’ biggest problems but payroll isn’t on your roadmap. By building an integration with our software, you can automate payroll and create a stickier product experience without taking on a big technical project.

Make a trusted referral & earn more

Your clients count on your expertise. Recommend Everee as your preferred payroll partner, and we’ll give you commission for every referral.

Featured partners & integrations

Streamline your staffing operation with NextCrew’s end-to-end workforce management platform. Labor data and workforce information flow from NextCrew into Everee in real-time to automate payroll.
StaffUpApp is a fully white labeled, mobile first staffing platform, built to empower the next generation of great staffing companies. Get a 100% fully mobile experience from application to payday with the StaffUpApp and Everee partnership.
Paying commissions has never been easier. Build pay plans, calculate commissions and pay reps all from within the Stakt app with payments powered by Everee.
Say goodbye to manual data entry. Our QBO integration automatically creates journal entries that you can sync at your preferred cadence.
Connect Everee and your ATS for faster onboarding. When you hire someone, it’ll automatically create a profile in our software and send an email to begin the onboarding process. We tell your ATS when onboarding is complete.
Our integration with Employee Navigator makes it easy to manage employee data and synchronize benefits deductions. Changes that occur in one system are automatically reflected in the other, and getting set up takes just minutes.

We recognized that by working with Everee to offer faster payment options, we could offer an experience that focuses on simplicity and ease of use, while also meeting the needs of today's workforce. Everee is redefining payroll as we know it through daily and instant payment options, and we are excited to bring forward an innovative staffing experience that prioritizes flexibility, efficiency, and agility.

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