Growing revenue has never been so easy

With Everee’s white-label payroll, you can grow profits in just a few weeks at a fraction of what it would cost to build payroll from scratch.

Adding revenue streams is vital, but building payroll is hard and alternative solutions fall short…

Developing it from the ground up takes months (if not years!) and expertise in compliance, taxes and more. It would divert resources away from other projects for something that isn’t your core competency.

Other white label solutions feel stuck in the year 2000. They have clunky, outdated user experiences and don’t meet the needs of a modern workforce. Worse yet, they still take a long time and a lot of resources to deploy.

With Everee, you get a modern, payroll-in-a-box solution

Pre-built, branded app

You’ll have a copy of all the features included in our app with your branding the way you want it.

Branded pay card

Pay workers instantly and boost loyalty and retention by giving them a pay card with your logo on it.

Embeddable experiences

Get to market faster by adding custom-branding, prebuilt onboarding and payment components to your platform.

APIs and webhooks

You get flexible APIs to automate onboarding and payroll operations, reducing time and errors.

Feel confident you can launch
a successful payroll product

Earn more

Our low pricing gives you the flexibility to markup the product to increase revenue while saving your clients thousands of dollars in monthly payroll fees and implementation costs.

Increase customer satisfaction

With our APIs, you can integrate your existing labor data for payroll that uniquely meets your customers needs, giving them the all-in-one solution they want.

Get to market faster

We hand over everything you need to launch your payroll product and offer deep technical support at every step, so you can get up and running with little dev work.

[Offering payroll] has been something that we’ve known for a long time that we wanted to do…but we don’t want to spend six months building it…one of the main reasons we chose Everee is because we don’t have to fully hold customers’ hands through the process because we don’t know payroll.

We handle all the
complex operations
so you don’t have to

Our team takes care of all operational workflows and gives you everything you need to successfully run your payroll business.

Branded payroll for the modern platform