Staffing payroll
made speedy

Give temporary staff the fast pay they want and onboard new hires fast to meet demand. With Everee, you can have instant or same-day pay and a seamless worker experience.

Cut burnout & turnover with same-day pay

With Everee, you can pay 1099 and W-2 workers as often as daily to stand out when hiring and keep workers happy.

Give workers their pay where they want it

Don’t restrict how your workers get paid. We deposit earnings daily, even on weekends and holidays, directly to bank accounts or provide instant payouts on a pay card.

Improve cash flow with payroll finance

We offer payroll finance at a fraction of the cost of factoring services, giving you one less vendor to manage.

Scale to other states without worry

Pay workers across multiple locations; we handle the garnishments, tax calculations, remittances and filings (for all 50 states), plus year-end 1099 and W2s.  

Save time by importing shift & payment data

Our bulk time uploader plays nice with the time tracking and scheduling tools you already use. You can import time in minutes and account for different pay rates by shift if needed.

Automate workflows by integrating with your app

If you’ve got your own app or platform, use our APIs to send worker, payments and time data to us. Our embedded tools and white-label UIs make it easy for your workers to get paid within your app.

The number one reason we switched [to Everee] is that we needed to figure out a way to pay our people much faster or else we weren’t going to make it. Everee has been huge. I think it’s a pretty big competitive advantage for us. It’s a weapon that we are able to utilize against more old-school staffing companies and employers.

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