Everee Credit

More job applicants.
More working capital.

Make hiring easier by offering daily pay. For accounts that qualify, we front the faster payments to your workers. You pay us later.

End your cash flow constraints

Do you have to wait for your customers to pay you before you can pay your workers?

Paying 1099 contractors or commissions to sales reps a month out or more means you’re probably not getting the best work out of your team. Worst yet, you can’t hire the workers you need to run your business in the first place.

Start today.
Get paid tomorrow.

What if you could advertise this in your job listings? You can with Everee. We give you 3 different ways to pay workers faster, so hiring is easier than ever.
  • Choose to pay all workers daily or weekly.
  • Let each employee pick how often they’re paid.
  • Allow employees to withdraw their earnings on-demand before payday.

How it works

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Pay quicker without
breaking the bank

You pay a low per-transaction or per-worker monthly fee + 1.25% on all payments processed. It’s an affordable way to pay workers fast without a cash crunch.

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The financial benefit is great. I’m saving money on interest and bank fees…Everee has allowed us to optimize our cash flow, so we can consider expanding our service offerings.

Chris Heffernan,CEO and Owner