Instant worker payouts
without the hassle or fees

Workers today choose companies that don’t make them wait. Pay workers as soon as a job is done, even on holidays and weekends.


Happier workers.
Healthier margins.

Free instant payouts to the Everee Visa® Pay Card.

You want to deliver fast pay, but you need to keep the costs down. The Everee Visa Pay Card delivers instant workforce payouts after every shift, at no cost to you.


See how you can make
Instant Pay work for you

Never stress with
full-featured payments
or any worker type

Worker classification impacts all businesses with contingent workforces.

Everee is a full-featured payroll platform with the ability to pay 1099 and W-2 workers instantly, so you can feel confident your labor supply is in compliance to meet client demands and government regulations.

  • Quarterly & annual tax filings & payments
  • Automated year-end 1099s & W-2s
  • Simple worker onboarding, profiles & document storage
  • Multiple deposit options, including to apps like Venmo & PayPal
  • Unlimited off-cycle payments for bonuses, commissions, etc.
  • Automated TIN verification
  • Scheduling & integrated time tracking with geotagging
  • Project tracking & billing
  • Workers’ comp administration
  • Payroll & PTO reporting
  • 401K & health benefits support

Say goodbye to cash
flow constraints

If paying workers instantly sounds like a cash flow nightmare, meet Everee Credit. We front the instant payments for you. You pay us later-after your accounts receivables or on your standard pay cycle.


Job done

Everee pays instantly

You pay Everee later