Pay faster. Stand out.

Give your workers their pay when and where they want it. With Everee, you can pay as often as daily, even on weekends and holidays.

Flexible payment methods for a perfect fit

Not every business operates the same way. And not all workers want their money the same way.

With Everee, you have every payment option available to customize the experience for your business.

flexible payment options

Free, instant payouts to improve margins

Everee Visa® Pay Card

You want to deliver fast pay, but you need to keep the costs down. The Everee Visa Pay Card with a digital wallet delivers instant workforce payouts after every shift, at no cost to you.

Pay card with your company branding

Promote worker loyalty by keeping your company top of mind every time workers swipe their cards. Add your own branding and logo to the Everee Visa Pay Card and make unlimited payments for $0.

Fast payouts direct to worker bank accounts

Instant deposits on non-banking days

Give workers the ability to cash out their earnings – even on weekends and holidays – to get directly deposited into their bank account via their personal debit cards.

Same-day and next-day ACH payments

For regular schedules, hourly or salary wages, or work that happens during the traditional work week, you can pay workers quickly via ACH for a low per-worker or per-transaction fee.

Say goodbye to multiple solutions.
Pay 1099s and W-2s equally fast with Everee.

Make worker classification limitations a thing of the past. Everee combines the speed of pay your workers expect with the full-service capabilities of payroll when you need them.

Manage payouts with ease

With multiple ways to run payroll, you can pick the solution that works best for your business.

Native app for smooth
payment processing

Bulk upload payments to run payroll on demand or schedule a standard payroll cycle in Everee’s native mobile and desktop app.

APIs and embeddable tools for
a frictionless experience

If you have your own app or platform, you can easily embed our onboarding and payment experiences in your own app and automate payouts via our APIs to streamline workflows.

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Watch how it works

It’s so important when you’re building critical infrastructure for a business, like payments, to have the right development partner to work with every step of the way. Working with Everee from day one has been one of the best decisions we’ve made.

Make how you pay, how you win