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Workforce payments

For businesses with a flexible
workforce, both 1099s & W-2s

As low as


per transaction + implementation fee

HR & payroll platform

For businesses with hourly
or salary employees

As low as


per worker/month+
low, one-time setup fee

Technology partners

For companies to launch and
sell their own payroll products

Low fee per worker or per transaction
Technical implementation fee


Get free instant payouts via the Everee Visa® Pay Card or have the ability to charge workers a $1.50 fee per ACH.


Workforce payments


payroll as a service

Same-day & instant payments (upon qualification)

Payroll finance via Everee Credit (upon qualification)

Unlimited payroll runs

Multiple deposit options, including to apps like Venmo & PayPal

Ability to pay 1099 & W-2 workers

W-9 & 1099 compliance & filings

Worker self onboarding & pay stub access

Quarterly & annual federal, state, local & unemployment insurance tax filings + remittance

Flexible APIs to automate workflows and sync data

Worker scheduling

Integrations (Employee Navigator, Quickbooks Online, ATS, 401K)

Project tracking & billing

Workers’ comp administration

Integrated time tracking with geotagging

Payroll & PTO reporting

Company policy management for holidays, PTO, break rules

401K & health benefits support

White-label payroll

Launch your own payroll product with a fully branded payroll application and SSO for a seamless customer experience.

Everee Embed

Use prebuilt embeddable components to get up and running quickly with workforce payments in your own experience.

'The blend of payroll, compliance and the ability to regulate cash flow while paying my team weekly is perhaps one of the most powerful and game changing implementations that I can imagine.You folks have just made me really happy so thank you.'

Eryn Anitavi Founder & CEO of Sapphire Partners

'We really fell in love with the fact that [Everee] can handle daily payouts whenever we’re ready to do it. Minimizing distractions and feeling confident that you’re counting on the right people — as a founder, peace of mind is worth a lot. And Everee delivers on that front.'

Edgar Carreon CEO & founder of Dree