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payroll and payments

There’s a package for every business, whether you need full-service payroll or a way to pay a lot of workers quickly.

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For high-volume payments


+ low, one-time setup fee

  • Unlimited, same-day ACH payments (upon qualification)
  • Multiple deposit options, including to apps like Venmo & PayPal
  • Ability to pay 1099 & W-2 workers
  • W-9 & 1099 compliance, automated tax filing
  • Worker self onboarding
  • Automated payments via an API plus option to bulk upload payments
  • Payments reporting
  • Worker scheduling
  • Integrations (QuickBooks Online, ATS)
Full service

As little as


per worker/month
+ low, one-time setup fee

  • Unlimited payroll runs, processing & delivery
  • Quarterly + annual tax filings & payments
  • Ability to pay 1099 & W-2 workers
  • Simple worker onboarding, profiles & document storage
  • Multiple pay cycle options, including daily, weekly & on-demand
  • Same-day ACH payments
  • Multiple deposit options, including to apps like Venmo & PayPal
  • Unlimited off-cycle payments for bonuses, commissions, etc.
  • Scheduling & integrated time tracking with geotagging
  • Manager verification of time cards
  • Project tracking & billing
  • Workers’ comp administration
  • Payroll & PTO reporting
  • 401K & health benefits support
  • Integrations (Employee Navigator, Quickbooks Online, ATS, 401K)

Faster pay without cash flow problems

Spend less time hiring when you offer workers access to daily pay. It shows you care about their financial health and makes you stand out from other employers.

For accounts that qualify, we pay daily. You settle up with us on your normal pay cycle.

Spend just a few minutes each day to run payments, not hours every 2 weeks.

Motivate your sales reps by paying commissions immediately while we front the cash.

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Companies everywhere are ditching complicated, costly payments & payroll tools

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‘We went through the Everee implementation and it was definitely easier than we expected. I’ve looked at converting to ADP before and their onboarding was so cumbersome we canceled during the ADP implementation. Highly recommend Everee team and platform.’

Carson Poppenger Owner of Squeeze Media
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‘We initially started with Gusto…however they pay four days after we enter the payments into the system to pay out, and they charge us $6 per month per 1099 contractor. As a growing company that fee totals up very quickly. I came across Everee on Facebook and from the start the team has been great about answering our questions and helping us smoothly transition over. The best part for our agents is they get paid the same day I enter their payments in the system.’

Nicole Weaver Owner of Empowerment Support Resources, LLC.

We’re an open book

We get these questions a lot, and we’re always listening at

Is setup hard and expensive?

Despite what you hear from other payroll providers, transitioning to a new payroll partner doesn’t have to take months or cost thousands. Our setup fee is just $500 for companies with less than 100 workers and our typical onboarding takes 3 weeks.

What hidden fees are there?

None! The only thing we charge extra for is if you want to tap into our credit facility to make off-cycle payments to workers without having to front the cash yourself.

Is there a right or wrong time to switch payroll providers?

Not at all! You can make the switch throughout the year by easily downloading your historical pay info and providing us with a bit of extra info. We’ll walk you through it.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No. All plans are month-to-month, and you can cancel anytime.