Attract, retain and engage drivers with fast pay

Everee streamlines the payment process for by paying your drivers faster than any other company out there, without disrupting your cash flow or operations. We also offer free, instant payouts to improve your margins.

Give your drivers an
experience they’ll love

Your drivers work for multiple companies, and they’re giving more of their time to companies that best support their financial well-being. You can pay them instantly once a job is done or a delivery is complete. They can also receive funds wherever they need it, whether it’s to their bank account, to the Everee Visa® Pay Card (free for you!) or apps like Venmo.

Automate payments
for your entire fleet

You don’t have time to spend on payroll. That’s why we offer multiple deployment options based on your needs. Easily bulk upload payment information or use our APIs to automate payments. With our APIs, you can onboard new drivers or track shift information in your own system and push the info to us, saving time and reducing errors.

Never stress about cash flow,
compliance or 1099 filings again

We support 1099 and W2 worker types, offering the same fast-pay experience for both, so you can choose the classification that best protects your business. We also handle things like tax filings and end of year 1099s. And for businesses that qualify, we front the payments for you. You pay us later, after you invoice accounts or at the end of your pay cycle.

Create an onboarding experience
that fills shifts faster

If you have an app or web experience where you manage drivers, you can easily embed parts of technology into your own UI. Use our embeddable components in your onboarding workflow to capture direct deposit details, I-9 verification and tax withholding information. Your drivers will be able to update personal details, cash out earnings, see paystubs and sign tax docs all within your app.

We deliver our cookies quickly so it seems natural I wanted to pay my employees quickly. Everee gives me the opportunity to differentiate myself from competitors or from companies like DoorDash, Uber Eats or other delivery providers. It gives me the opportunity to be on par with some of the payment systems that they have..

Faster pay. Happier drivers.