Launch your own payroll products to drive growth

Customers today want an all-in-one solution. You need new revenue streams. With Everee’s modern, white-label payroll solution and embeddable experiences, you can quickly launch a payroll product your customers will love.

Get to market faster

Building payroll is a long and tedious process (trust us). But with white-label payroll from Everee, you can launch in just a few weeks. You’ll get a pre-built, branded web application, embeddable components and SSO for a seamless experience. We take care of all backend operations, including processing payments with our banking partner, tax calculations, filings and remittance, tax document delivery and TIN verification.

Cut churn and win more deals

Offering payroll is a great demand gen lever that can help you capture new clients, create more awareness in the market and retain current customers. With a modern, easy-to-use UI and the ability to pay workers instantly, you’ll be able to offer a differentiated payroll product that suits your clients’ needs better than out-of-box solutions that don’t integrate with your other tools.

See revenue growth
this quarter

We charge you low per-worker or per-transaction pricing that gives you the opportunity to upcharge clients on monthly and implementation fees, creating a new revenue stream as soon as you’re live.

Feel confident your
new product will succeed

We know what it takes to launch and sell a payroll product, and we’ll be with you from the start. We offer implementation support and project design planning, and we’ll provide guidance on go-to-market best practices and resources. You’ll get process documentation on how to onboard and support your new payroll clients, as well as pre-written support articles to use in your own knowledgebase.

[Offering payroll] has been something that we’ve known for a long time that we wanted to do…but we don’t want to spend six months building it…one of the main reasons we chose Everee is because we don’t have to fully hold customers’ hands through the process because we don’t know payroll..

Building payroll is hard.
Everee’s white-label payroll is easy.