Faster payroll with fewer headaches

Everything you need to manage, schedule and pay hourly workers fast, all in one simple app.

Easy to use from day one

Everee’s payroll software is slick and easy to use. It’s so intuitive, you don’t need a user manual to figure it out. We used to have to train our workers on our payroll system, but with Everee, they can figure it out by themselves in a matter of seconds.

Jordan Thompson,CFO at Hawx Pest Control

A full-service platform to

get more done in less time

Run payroll from anywhere in seconds with just one swipe on a mobile app. Workers can receive deposits to their bank accounts or apps like Venmo or PayPal.

With integrated time and attendance tracking, you won’t have to waste energy tracking down hours.

Easily schedule workers across multiple locations. Workers can view schedules, request shift swaps and clock in and out from their phones.

We remit, file and report on federal, state, local and unemployment insurance taxes, as well as handle your W2s and 1099s.

Improve your cash flow.
Recruit faster.

If you qualify, you can pay workers as often as daily, a unique benefit that will help you attract more job applicants.

Make unlimited, same-day commission, bonus and 1099 contractor payments.

We front the fast payments for customers that qualify. You pay us after you invoice accounts or at the end of your traditional pay cycle.

Cut costs with transparent pricing

Other payroll providers have hidden fees and convoluted pricing models. We don’t. Get low, per-transaction or per-worker pricing with zero hidden fees and no contract.

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