Paying daily to retain 20% more drivers, compete with gig economy giants

Providing delectable food and great service is the heartbeat of many large catering companies and restaurants. Growing a business through repeat orders and new customers also takes the ability to scale quickly and deliver orders lightning fast, especially during peak hours. 

It’s the new normal since Uber, DoorDash and other on-demand delivery models have disrupted the food services industry.    

Since 2018, Philadelphia-based Dlivrd has been a lifeline for catering companies and restaurants throughout the United States. Tapping into Dlivrd’s convenient delivery-for-hire services gives busy caterers the lift and scale they need to grow their businesses.  

“Catering operates on tight timelines, making it hard to staff and manage drivers. Through crowd-sourcing, we help companies adapt and scale so they can accept more orders than they’d be able to on their own,” says Chris Heffernan, CEO and owner at Dlivrd.

Dlivrd drivers work as independent contractors, with all the flexibility and convenience that comes with it.

One thing that attracts new drivers to Dlivrd? The ability to get paid fast.

“Waiting for a payday is no longer an option, especially in the gig world. Everyone wants access to their pay as quickly as possible, and I understand that,” says Chris. “I am confident that we would lose, or never onboard, at least 20% of our contractors if we didn’t offer an expedited payment method.” 

After experiencing some hiccups with their previous pay system, Chris decided to switch to Everee. Now, inconsistent fees and pay delivery delays are a thing of the past. 

Optimizing cash flow & savings 

One of the largest challenges when opening a new market is maintaining enough cash flow to pay contractors quickly. Dlivrd leverages Everee’s credit line to make daily payments to workers, freeing the company to invest cash back into the business rather than move money around to pay people. 

“The financial benefit is great. Everee compares pricewise to our previous provider while offering extra features. I’m saving money on interest and bank fees to the tune of hundreds or even thousands a year,” says Chris. “Everee has allowed us to optimize our cash flow, so we can consider expanding our service offerings.”

Everee makes it simple for Dlivrd’s drivers to see their earnings, giving them payment information right in the Everee app. Having that information readily available means Chris saves time responding to pay inquiries. Everee also automates the annual 1099 filing and reporting process for him: “Getting that time back is amazing,” he says. 

Recruiting & retaining the best

Chris knows that to attract drivers and compete for their time with larger gig platform companies, he needs to pay fast. 

“With Everee, paying delivery drivers is much easier, and we can do it daily, which is critical to competing with the larger companies like Uber and DoorDash,” says Chris. “Our average delivery is more than $200, so it’s essential that our drivers go the extra mile. Finding and retaining the right people is key.”

Everee’s ability to pay people daily not only gives Chris a competitive advantage when recruiting workers, it also does right by the people who work for him, which is more important to him than anything. 

Ultimately, Chris says, “Success is about feeling good about something you’ve built and cultivating a positive environment for the people who work for you.”

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