October 27, 2022News

How a medical transcription service keeps contractors engaged with reliable pay, painless cash advances

Every time you visit a doctor or a hospital, there’s a record of your visit. Healthcare providers are required to keep meticulous records about their patients and treatments, and there’s a team that works tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the accuracy and promptness of this information.

That’s what Lynn Dalbeck Medical Transcription Service (LDMTS) is all about. As a medical transcription service that’s open 24/7, LDMTS relies on an average of 350 independent contractors to serve as scribes for physicians, health clinics and hospitals. These workers transcribe notes providers send along via audio dictation, and each transcription needs to be returned within a specific time frame depending on the nature of the appointment. 

Focusing on continuously improving the contractor experience

It’s critical that LDMTS has enough contractors to meet the needs of their clients. To overcome labor challenges, LDMTS is laser-focused on creating a work culture that keeps contractors engaged.

“We treat our people well,” says Jennifer Lockman, managing director at LDMTS, adding that workers apply to several jobs and often leave companies that make them feel miserable. “We’ve found that the easiest way to prevent turnover and retain your workforce is by being very respectful, very kind, very encouraging, and very supportive.”

For several years, LDMTS had been using ADP to process payroll. But time and again, Jennifer ran into time-consuming problems that ultimately resulted in late payments for contractors. 

“I’m a pretty technical person; I can build software,” says Jennifer. “But ADP wasn’t always easy to use. There are so many steps involved for payroll, so something frequently goes wrong. Unfortunately, there’s no way to fix it yourself. You have to contact a service desk, and you’re connected with someone on the other side of the world.”

At the same time, an LDMTS client was starting a new venture and needed to quickly scale up their engagement with the transcription service. To meet those needs, LDMTS would need to hire 30-50 additional contractors and float the payroll upfront each week until billing their customer at the end of the month. 

“We were going to be something like $300,000 short on payday,” says Jennifer. “So, I started looking into other types of payroll solutions, and I came across Everee.” 

Simplifying payroll while improving cash flow

With Everee, Jennifer found a solution that made life easier for both her and her contractors — all while helping LDMTS lower operating expenses as a more budget-friendly solution with the added benefit of payroll finance via Everee Credit.

LDMTS can now easily float payments to workers, as frequently as every workday, without any heavy lifting. She also doesn’t have to worry about the gap between payday and accounts receivables. 

When LDMTS was using ADP, Jennifer had to ask the owner to wire money whenever payroll came around. “She structured her life and vacations around pay dates,” says Jennifer. “She could never make plans around payday because she had to be available to send money.”

Now she never has to worry about having the funds on hand on payday. She leverages Everee’s credit network to cover the float and repays Everee later, after getting paid by their own clients. 

“It’s been really easy,” she says. “I love it.”

A reliable, intuitive workforce payments solution

In Jennifer’s experience, working through payroll issues with ADP was a challenge. 

“If there was an error in the payroll, it wouldn’t tell you where that error was,” says Jennifer. “It would tell you to contact your ADP representative. So I have to get on the phone and call an 800 number. It’s not fast at all.”

Everee makes this process much easier. In the event someone’s bank account or Social Security information is missing, for example, the platform immediately informs Jennifer and continues processing the rest of the batch. 

“I’ll know right away that certain individuals have issues but everyone else is taken care of,” says Jennifer. “Then I know which information needs to be updated, and I can take care of those people, too.”

Fast, predictable payments

Jennifer also no longer has to complete payroll two days ahead of time to make sure workers are paid when they are supposed to be. Due to the number of contractors she manages, it was “almost impossible” to be finished early with her old system, she says.This caused some workers to have to wait longer to be paid on several occasions.

With Everee, Jennifer has found a reliable payment solution that ensures folks are paid on time — always.

“I’m confident that as long as I complete payroll by noon, they’re going to be paid that day,” she says. 

Excellent customer support

With a dedicated U.S.-based support team that’s very responsive, Jennifer has had a considerably different experience with Everee.

“If I have a problem, I can get personalized help quickly,” she says. “Somebody answers me back within a couple of minutes. Everee’s support team has even responded to emails I’ve sent at midnight a couple of times.”

Cash advances made possible 

Every so often, contractors ask LDMTS to give them loans against their paychecks. Before Everee, Jennifer had to complete a lengthy, cumbersome process to do it — a process she had to rope her boss into.

With Everee Credit, it’s easier than ever — and doesn’t require her boss’ involvement. 

“I’m able to set up a payment plan, say how much to take out of each check, when to start, and when to end, and then I don’t have to think about it anymore,” says Jennifer. “In Everee, it’s all there in one step.”

User-friendly design

In the past, contractors always had problems onboarding. They couldn’t get into the platform easily, and once they did, they couldn’t find what they needed. Since contractors were always reaching out for help to get into their accounts, LDMTS created an instructional document to help them navigate the platform.

“ADP changes their interface so often that you know the document wouldn’t be good for long,” says Jennifer.

Thanks to Everee’s user-friendly design, contractors rarely encounter any issues.

“Everyone walks themselves through it,” Jennifer continues. “I haven’t gotten to the point of making an instructional document to help them because they don’t need it.” 

Looking ahead, Jennifer hopes to use Everee to pay workers even faster, enabling them to get money instantly. She knows no matter how often she runs payroll, with Everee, it’ll be quick and easy.

“You just attach a file you upload, and then you click calculate and approve,” she says. “It takes just a minute or two. It’s not a long, drawn-out process. With an easy interface and Everee Credit, it’s really a win-win for us.”

For more information on how your organization can use Everee to simplify contractor payroll and improve your cash flow, request a demo today.