June 16, 2023News

Why a labor marketplace that’s building the best way to work in retail runs on Everee

Being a part-time worker is tough. You commit to work a small amount of hours each week, the pay isn’t always amazing and takes a while to come in, and you rarely have any control over your schedule.

“Sometimes, you’re asked to work on days that weren’t part of your original arrangement,” says Carson Jones, co-founder of Reflex. “And that just felt unfair.” 

Carson and CEO and co-founder Mike Meyers, started Reflex, a marketplace that connects retailers to the best local on-demand talent, to solve this problem. 

Here’s how it works: Imagine a Reflex worker plans a surfing trip to California. While they’re there, they can pick up a few shifts with their favorite participating retailers and pay for their vacation that way, even earning employee discounts to buy things like board shorts. Once that trip wraps up, the worker might decide they want to visit New York City next and can tap into the Reflex network there once they arrive.

“It’s the best way to work in retail,” Mike says. “Someone can pick up a shift on their own terms, choose where and when they work, get paid within 24 hours, and have the flexibility that they wouldn’t get working in a normal retail job.”

Building infrastructure that supports next-day pay

As Carson and Mike began thinking about what the pillars of the best way to work in retail, fast pay came to mind immediately.

“When you work in retail, you have to wait two weeks to get paid,” Mike says. “That doesn’t make any sense.”

So, the co-founders set out to build the infrastructure needed to support next-day pay. As they narrowed down their criteria, they realized that the right solution would ensure workers were paid promptly, quickly and accurately — always. 

“Right away, I knew [Everee] was incredibly passionate about unlocking the flexibility you get as a gig worker in the traditional payroll sense,” Carson continues.

Delivering a seamless pay experience 

Since joining forces with Everee, the Reflex team hasn’t looked back. Not only does Everee help ensure retail workers are paid quickly, it also makes life easier for Reflex’s retail partners.

“They don’t have to think about payroll at all, they don’t think about the minutiae of when workers get paid, how they get paid, the taxes that are there,” Carson says.

At the same time, Reflex also makes life simple for workers, who can pick up jobs when they want to work without being confined to a single retailer or a specific set of hours. 

If a worker wants to go out to dinner after their shift, they can rest comfortably knowing they have access to the money they’ve earned to do so. If a worker needs to save up for a big purchase — like a laptop or an iPad — they can pick up additional shifts to make more money. 

Being confident that Everee was the right choice

In Everee, Reflex found a true partner they can grow alongside. Carson is happy to have teamed up with a company that’s working to usher in the future — an era of fast pay and automated onboarding.

Already, the two companies have worked through some technical challenges together, and they’ve also talked through growth plans to ensure their visions stay aligned.

“It’s so important when you’re building critical infrastructure for a business, like payments, to have the right development partner to work with every step of the way,” Mike concludes. “Working with Everee from day one has been one of the best decisions we’ve made.” 

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