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Run payroll from anywhere with our mobile app and easy-to-use platform that empowers employees to get paid when they need it.

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What makes Everee different? It starts with Pay Your Way

IntroducingPAY YOUR WAY

If you think free coffee is a sweet perk, easing your employees’ financial stress will take morale to a whole new level. With Pay Your WayTM employees can choose to get paid daily, weekly or on-demand when they need it.

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A whole new way to payday

“Everee takes the pain out of running payroll and gives me the flexibility to pay my employees when they want to be paid.”

– Alex
CEO of Octagon
  • Run payroll on the go

    With our mobile app, you can verify hours and review and run payroll from anywhere. The app notifies you when there’s action to take, and it provides all the necessary info up front, so you can approve payroll in seconds.

  • Reliably track time and attendance

    Never worry about inaccurate hours again. Time and attendance tracking is integrated into our platform, and we make it easy for managers to verify and approve hours daily, so payroll admins don’t have to reconcile at the end of the pay period.

  • See issues before it’s too late

    When someone logs hours that don’t match what was scheduled or have other discrepancies, managers will get notified with a suggested fix to solve any issues before it’s time to run payroll.

  • Make the accountants jump for joy

    After each payroll run, our platform exports a file to upload to your accounting system. Come audit time, take advantage of reporting that reconciles payroll and accounting records.

  • Keep data current and compliant

    Goodbye, manual paperwork. Create, store and update HR documents all in one place. The most up-to-date info syncs with your payroll system, so costly and embarrassing mistakes won’t happen.

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Streamline your processes

Say goodbye to the headaches that come with managing multiple tools. Our all-in-one platform also includes:

  • Easy ongoing employee onboarding
  • Unlimited payroll runs and choose any payroll cycle
  • Secure employee HR document retention
  • HR to payroll automatic data sync
  • Payroll reminders and notifications
  • Automated withholding tax payments and filings
  • Federal and state unemployment insurance
  • W2s and 1099s
  • Same-day ACH direct deposits
  • HR document templates