Stop overpaying for staff that didn’t work

Legacy payroll systems aren't designed for flexible workforces, charging you for staff that didn’t even pick up shifts this month. Switch to payroll with usage-based pricing–and you only pay for workers who get paid.

Use the calculator below to discover your potential savings.

Input your variables

How many workers total are in your labor pool?

How many workers took at least one shift last month?

How many worker payments did you make last month?

What do you spend on payroll software per employee/per month?

Enter usage-based rate

Usage-based PEPM base price (only charged for workers who get paid):

Per-payment base price:

See your savings

Your current payroll cost:

Usage-based PEPM cost:

Per-payment cost:
Total monthly savings:
Usage-based PEPM


Per-payment pricing

Everee’s swift and efficient services not only rescued us from tedious tasks but also translated into significant cost savings for our company. With Everee onboard, we've been able to redirect our focus towards more impactful endeavors, driving productivity and growth. As a business owner, I firmly believe that Everee isn't just a payroll provider; they're an integral part of our team, contributing to our success at every turn.

The financial benefit is great. I’m saving money on interest and bank fees to the tune of hundreds or even thousands a year. Everee has allowed us to optimize our cash flow, so we can consider expanding our service offerings.

You deserve better payroll pricing