March 9, 2022News

Embeddable workforce payments: The future of fast pay

It’s no secret that employers today are struggling to hire talent. In fact, a recent report from ManpowerGroup found that 69 percent of companies are having a hard time filling roles, a 15-year high.

To overcome the challenges associated with labor shortages, smart organizations are doing everything they can to entice workers. One way to do this is by offering modern incentives that make their companies stand out.

This is why I’m so excited to announce the launch of Everee Embed, a solution that enables businesses to embed same-day workforce payments directly in their own apps or platforms. Not only does this deliver a more convenient experience to workers, it also ensures they’re paid quickly for their work.

What is Everee Embed?
Everee Embed allows organizations to integrate critical payroll workflows — like onboarding, direct deposit information, employment verification, pay statements and tax forms — within their own apps.

Instead of forcing workers to log into two different platforms to manage important pay information and ensure it’s up to date, they can now do everything from one central location. Everee Embed unifies a previously disjointed experience.

As a company that’s always listening to what our customers have to say, we created Everee Embed after learning about some of the challenges they face.

For example, I had a conversation with one of our customers that runs a gig staffing platform that was growing rapidly and hiring a ton of workers. Eventually, the CEO realized their onboarding process was inefficient and couldn’t keep pace at scale.

I talked with another customer who runs an independent contractor management platform that serves hundreds of delivery companies. They were looking for a way to add value to their platform by offering their customers a seamless way to pay drivers.

I realized Everee could solve both of these problems by embedding our workforce payment technology directly into the core applications these organizations rely on every day.

Streamlining the worker onboarding process
Currently, it’s quite common for workers to have to log into multiple platforms to figure out when and where they’re working and manage their payroll and tax information. This introduces confusion and frustration in the onboarding process — not to mention potential errors — making it that less likely workers have a favorable initial impression of an employer.

By bringing these experiences together under one roof, employers can accelerate their onboarding processes while also improving the worker experience — a win-win.

Enabling workers to get paid quickly
Our 2022 State of the Worker Report found that 79 percent of workers wish they were paid weekly or daily and 80 percent of workers under 35 wish they were paid faster. Unfortunately, more than half of workers are still paid every two weeks — or even less frequently.

In today’s difficult labor market, offering faster pay can be a helpful mechanism for attracting new workers and keeping them engaged. This is another area where Everee Embed can be particularly helpful. After adding Everee to your app, workers can get paid as soon as they earn money. Once they’ve completed the onboarding process, they can receive wages as soon as the next day.

A native experience without building it from scratch
Everee Embed uses tools that are already common in the payments industry, including open APIs and embedded experiences. That makes it really easy for product and engineering teams to incorporate the solution into their applications because they’re already familiar with these tools. A proof of concept might take a few hours, with full integration completed within a couple of weeks.

The future of embeddable workforce payments
More and more workforce companies are looking to internalize payroll processing as a core competency, and Everee Embed is a step toward that future.

Looking ahead, we see SaaS companies deeply integrating payroll into their platforms as a central offering. Everee Embed will be the fuel that powers payroll processing for these SaaS companies’ entire customer bases.

I’m really excited to help usher in the future of flexible work — which is where a huge segment of the economy is going — and I believe that Everee will be the engine that drives payments in this space.

If your business manages a flexible workforce, you plan on onboarding a lot of workers quickly, and you’d like to be able to pay them as fast as possible, Everee Embed is an ideal solution for your needs. I hope you’ll check it out!