May 13, 2020News

Delivering the dough: How Chip Cookies boosts employee happiness with daily pay

Nothing satisfies a sweet tooth like a warm chocolate chip cookie. The melty chips. The sugary dough. The hit of both salt and sweet.

With six locations throughout Utah and Idaho and nationwide shipping, family-owned Chip Cookies has been serving up this ultimate comfort food since 2017, delivering delectable cookies – with milk, of course – as fast as they bake them. 

“We deliver our cookies quickly, and so it seems natural that I wanted to pay my employees quickly,” says Sean Wilson, CEO and co-founder of Chip Cookies. “We heard about Everee, and we thought it was a really cool concept that connected with what we represent at Chip.” 

With Everee, Sean can run payroll from anywhere using a mobile app and offer his employees flexible pay.

“Employees really like Everee’s Pay Your Way benefit,” says Sean. 

An irresistible benefit to compete for talent

With Pay Your Way, employees have the flexibility to choose how often they want to get paid. At Chip, they decided to pay all 200+ employees daily. 

“It’s nice to see the benefits of your hard work so quickly,” says baker Robb Holmes.

Shipping specialist and baker Josie Magelby agrees. “Getting paid daily is great. My banking account is loving it, and it’s nice to see my work paying off immediately.”

“I’m newly married so for us it allows for budgeting along the way,” added baker Rylie Prescott. “If I need groceries and our fridge is empty, I have that money accessible right there.” 

Another benefit? Everee helps Chip Cookies stand out in a crowded market. 

“It gives me the opportunity to differentiate myself from competitors or from companies like DoorDash, Uber Eats or other delivery providers. It gives me the opportunity to be on par with some of the payment systems that they have,” says Sean.

A recipe for success

Everee also streamlined payroll, reporting and management processes for Chip, saving them hours of administrative work weekly.  

“It’s improved how we’re managing our employees from a reporting standpoint and from a number of different areas,” says Sean. “The administrative ease Everee provides for me is fantastic. I can approve time in my car anytime.” 

Employees, too, enjoy a simplified experience and a more timely, accurate way to track their hours. 

“We use the Everee app to clock in and clock out every day,” says Robb. “It’s so much easier and everyone is accountable for themselves.”

Accountability is critical when it comes to reducing inaccurate punches and other time clock discrepancies, which the American Payroll Association says results in a loss of money for more than 75 percent of companies. 

“Sometimes we forget to clock in or we forget to clock out but the nice thing is our managers have to approve it every single day,” says Rylie. “That creates a level of integrity. They’re able to call us or we’re able to call them and just get it fixed right away.”

A sweeter experience for employees and customers

Sean’s vision as an employer is to make every single employee feel like they can make a positive impact on the business. 

“At Chip, one of our mantras is ‘happiness delivered.’ It’s our goal to put a smile on every customer that comes in the store and for each cookie that’s delivered to doors,” says Sean. “I need my employees to be happy at work and deliver that to each and every customer every day.” 

Sean goes on to explain that he views his employees as part of his family. 

“Our employees are the chocolate chips to our chocolate chip cookies,” says Sean. “Everee is a way for us to innovate and improve our business in a way that’s tangible and powerful for our employees and our customers.”

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