October 19, 2021News

Solving healthcare staffing crises with temporary physicians and a faster way to pay

Imagine a rural clinic that doesn’t have the resources needed to hire a full-time oncologist but still has community members in need. Or a healthcare facility during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic with a massive influx of patients but not enough medical staff to treat them.

Hospitals and medical practices in scenarios like these need qualified temporary doctors and nurses to bridge these staffing gaps, and that is exactly where Fusion Healthcare Staffing enters the equation.

Helping short-staffed medical practices find healthcare workers

Fusion Healthcare Staffing is a medical staffing agency that helps physicians and advanced practice providers find temporary work in the healthcare industry. 

The company was founded in April 2013 to enable doctors to work locum tenens, a Latin phrase that means “holding the place of,” at hospitals and clinics that need extra help. 

In exchange for short-term work, healthcare practitioners working locum tenens enjoy flexible schedules and are able to travel across the United States while getting paid.

Addressing staffing problems around the country

Imagine an emergency medicine physician goes on maternity leave because she’s having a baby.

“Rather than losing that physician for six weeks, a healthcare facility would contact an agency like ours to fill in her shifts,” explains Jarin Dana, CFO and Director of Fusion Healthcare Staffing. “There are a million reasons why a hospital, a rural clinic, or a big health system would contact our agency for staffing needs. In rural areas of the country, our services are critical to the delivery of healthcare.”

Not only does Fusion help medical practices fill vacant positions, it also connects medical professionals with meaningful and exciting work. For example, the staffing agency helped one provider — who couldn’t find the kind of work they wanted in their hometown — obtain medical licenses in four states. Today, this individual travels between these four states while still calling Utah home. 

What’s more, Fusion also helps retired medical professionals who want to work in some capacity keep their skills sharp and earn a little extra cash.

Ensuring critical health care workers are paid accurately

“We have up to a hundred physicians that are on assignment in any given month,” Jarin continues. “We pay our providers as independent contractors.”

Every two weeks, Jarin’s team collects time cards, reviews them for discrepancies, and then pays their contractors. Once that’s done, the team creates invoices, and then sends them off to their healthcare clients. 

The Fusion team had been using Intuit’s payroll solution to pay its employees and contractors. But when Intuit announced it was discontinuing the product earlier this year, Jarin decided that it was the perfect time to give Everee, the fastest payment platform on the market, a try.

The decision to move to Everee proved to be a game-changer. With Everee, Jarin and his team have a cost-effective solution that puts them in a great position for the future. Thanks to the number of benefits Everee provides, the Fusion team hasn’t looked back since.

Accelerated payments and time savings

Fusion pays its contractors every other week. Before Everee, some payments didn’t hit contractors’ bank accounts until late Friday afternoon, which caused an unnecessary waiting period that left some providers wondering where their money was.

Thanks to Everee, Fusion is able to pay its contractors and employees the same day they process payments — avoiding this problem altogether.

“The biggest benefit has been the ability to pay on the same day,” Jarin explains. “I used to always have to think and look at the calendar and make sure it was a banking day. To have it be the same day is really slick.”

Due to Everee’s intuitive design and same-day payment capabilities, Jarin and his team spend considerably less time processing payroll. 

“I think we’ve cut that time in half.”

Automatic notifications

With his previous provider, Jarin would only find out a payment didn’t go through when a contractor complained. With Everee, he receives automatic notifications when a payment bounces back for whatever reason. 

“Now, a notification pops up on my dashboard and tells me this payment came back,” Jarin says. 

This enables him to take a proactive approach to make sure contractors are paid instead of waiting for them to reach out in frustration. 

Seamless onboarding

Prior to Everee, the Fusion team had to collect direct deposit forms and input names, emails, routing numbers and account numbers manually to load new contractors into the system.

With Everee, this process is automated. Additionally, new contractors are able to create their own profiles. If information is incorrect, it’s the contractor’s responsibility to update it — which saves Jarin’s team time.

“I feel like we’re humming on all cylinders.”

Better business intelligence

Jarin enjoys the ability to easily store relevant information in Everee’s system — which means important data is always a glance away, improving the company’s business intelligence.

“We can put a lot of detail in Everee — the number of hours they worked, the name of the work site, whether there’s any travel we’re reimbursing,” Jarin says.

The Fusion team is also excited by Everee’s powerful reporting capabilities.

“It’s significantly more detailed and broken down than our prior software,” Jarin continues. “It goes into detail on all the withholdings, all the tax calculations. It’s more thorough and easier to follow.”

Continuous improvement

To date, Fusion has been particularly impressed by Everee’s continuous development and how the company really listens and responds to feedback.

“I’ve even given a couple of suggestions, and the customer success team is always quick to say, ‘yeah, we’ll get that on the list of features to work on,’” Jarin says.


The previous solution only let Jarin and his team manage up to 150 active contractors.

“I would have to constantly deactivate some and then activate others to stay under that 150 number, which was annoying because our providers come and go,” he explains. “With Everee, it’s infinite.”

Looking ahead, Fusion hopes to triple its staffing business over the next three years. Thanks to Everee, they know they have a scalable payment solution that can grow alongside their business and keep pace.

For more information on how your organization can use Everee to solve its payment problems quickly and cost-effectively — much to the delight of your workers — request a demo today.