June 6, 2023News

Fast pay for unpredictable work: How The MOJO Real Estate Group pays commissions

Real estate runs through Joey Sutorius’ veins. After cutting his teeth working residential construction jobs and becoming a master brick mason, Joey fell off a roof one day and injured himself. Not wanting to repeat that experience, he decided it was time for a change and launched a new career as a real estate agent. 

For the last 13 years, Joey has honed his skills as an agent who creates lifelong connections with each client he meets. Four years ago, he co-founded The MOJO Real Estate Group, a Utah-based real estate company that helps all kinds of customers, from first-time homebuyers to folks interested in the luxury market. 

Alongside co-founder Molly Jones, MOJO — a portmanteau of both founders’ first names — has been scaling rapidly to the point they’ve become Coldwell Banker’s #1 real estate team in the region.

In large part, this rapid growth can be attributed to the way the founders work together.

“We do really good business together and have a similar vibe and approach,” says Joey. “Our skill sets really compliment each other. She’s a master in business development, numbers, and contracts, and I have the construction background and the emotional side of all that is real estate figured out.” 

Entering a rapid growth phase

Over the last four years, MOJO has been in a rapid growth phase.

“The majority of our day-to-day is spent helping other people with their business, helping agents solve problems, and creating a business on a grander scale,” Joey continues. “I am a 9-to-5er now, which is weird because most agents are nights-and-weekends people. I come to work, game plan, and make sure everyone’s OK. I also meet with developers to pursue bigger opportunities that might lead to business for the team as a whole.”

Today, MOJO has 20 employees. Five years from now, Joey hopes they’ll have 60.

Navigating a fluctuating real estate market

The real estate industry has undergone a tremendous transformation over the last few years. During the pandemic, interest rates were low and activity was through the roof. Now, interest rates are soaring and volumes are dwindling.

“There’s so much of the business that’s out of your control,” Joey says. “If you allow all those details you can’t control to get in your head, it will consume you.”

Either way, the industry becomes considerably more challenging when there are less opportunities to pursue.

“There are 30% fewer deals going across the wire, so you really have to go out and fight for the deals that are left,” he explains.

To navigate the challenging market, MOJO has diversified its product line. In addition to modular, starter homes, and the luxury market, the company also has an investment arm and is currently prioritizing affordable townhomes. 

“Depending on what’s going on in the market, we can pivot and turn, making sure the team has opportunities,” Joey says. Even so, it’s not all smooth sailing. “When you convince a friend that you’ve had since the fifth grade to get into real estate and work for your company, and he’s got kids and stuff, there’s definitely pressure in terms of making sure that they’re okay.” 

And that’s why when a deal is done, MOJO wants to do everything they can to get their team members paid fast. 

Paying the team quickly with Everee

When MOJO started out, they didn’t have any sort of payment infrastructure in place. Then Joey learned about Everee and its ability to make same-day payments, and the rest is history. 

“Everee sounded awesome. There wasn’t anything else we were going to use, and we were absolutely tickled with how perfect it was for us,” says Joey. “We have nothing but great things to say to everyone about it.”

Occasionally, MOJO hires agents to work events, and they also have a transaction coordinator who gets paid per deal. In addition to standard commissions and salaries, they also use Everee to process these kinds of payments.

“The transaction coordinator is the perfect example: He gets paid from us for each transaction,” Joey says. “It’s not hourly, not predictable. The second a deal is done, he wants his money, and we can pay him right away with Everee. The ability to pay people really quickly and easily is awesome.” 

What would Joey say to another business considering Everee?

“You won’t believe how seamless it is or how much your employees want it, whether they know it or not,” he concludes. “It’s a super easy way to make your employees happier at no extra cost to you. It’s an easier, more seamless platform that will make your life easier in perpetuity.”

To learn more about Everee can help your company simplify payroll and pay your team faster, request a demo today.