February 4, 2021News

Know where hours go with project tracking and billing

Time is money. No one knows that better than your payroll and finance team. For businesses like home services, construction, consulting and more, keeping track of time means everything when it comes to billing clients.

That’s why we’re excited to release project tracking and billing—a seamless part of Everee’s payroll platform that helps leaders see where labor hours are spent. 

Make your business more efficient

Project tracking and billing in Everee gives admins insights into timeline and budget management. When you know how much time your workers have put toward a project, you can properly scope your estimates, ensure labor costs are under control and avoid scope creep.  

As you track your projects, you gain more visibility into the time and labor needed to complete your work, so you can accurately estimate the resources you’ll need in the future. Project tracking and billing also helps you keep costs in check. Additionally, Everee’s new experience also makes it easy to bill your clients because we provide you with labor costs. 

To create a project, simply navigate to project tracking within your organization and name your new project and add any necessary tasks. From there, you can define what kind of workers can record time to a project whether hourly, salaried or contractor. When a project wraps, you can easily archive it.

See where workers spend their time

Workers can record time to projects and their respective tasks using the Everee mobile app (iOS & Android) and our mobile responsive web app. Now you can see what tasks take the most time to complete and make adjustments to assignments as needed.

In building a project and tasks, admins can ensure the project scope is accounted for. If workers don’t have the proper project or task for their job, they can initiate a conversation with an admin.

As the workers are adding time to projects and tasks the admins can view how much time is being spent and an estimated labor cost for hourly and salary employees. 

Projects and payroll in one place 

With Everee, you don’t have to use yet another tool to track the efficiency of your projects. 

Project tracking is a part of Everee’s platform, so admins and managers don’t have to spend more time and effort to run their business. And with easy reporting, project hours can be exported so businesses can quickly and accurately bill clients.

Easy-to-understand reporting gives admins visibility into how workers are spending their time at the project level and if necessary, what businesses can expect to bill clients. In a few clicks, admins can export reports to easily view the amount of hours and estimated labor costs that have been put toward a project. The reports can be viewed by day, by project or by worker.  

Project reporting and billing is available now for Everee customers. Read more about how to use project tracking here. Want to use project tracking to help salary and contract employees track time? Read more here