Effortless faster
pay for flexible

Workers today choose companies that don’t make them wait. Pay 1099 and W-2 workers as soon as a job is done, even on holidays and weekends.

Join us, and you’ll be in good company

Improve margins with free payouts

Make instant payouts to the Everee Visa® Pay Card and save money on transaction fees. Boost worker loyalty with your own branded pay card.

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Break free from worker classification constraints

Win more clients and expand into new markets by onboarding and paying W-2 and 1099 workers with the same fast-pay solution. We handle deductions, tax remittances and filings, and more when you need it.

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Optimize your
cash flow

Paying workers faster doesn’t have to cause a cash crunch. With Everee Credit, you can make off-cycle payments while maintaining a traditional cash flow cycle. We front the payments for you. You pay us later. It’s simpler and more affordable than factoring services.

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Launch quickly with prebuilt tools

If you have your own app, you can automate workflows with our flexible APIs and easily plug our embeddable components and white-label front-ends into your existing UI. 

Want to speed up payroll without taking on a tech project? Bulk upload payments, timesheet and shift data in seconds. 

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Launch quickly with prebuilt tools
Be the business every driver wants to work for by paying right after a drop-off is done.
Healthcare staffing, labor marketplaces and more count on us to grow their talent pool.
From paying loan officers to sales reps, retain the best ones with faster commissions.

These businesses are choosing a better way to pay

Everee’s APIs made it really easy to automate and pay drivers. It didn’t take a lot of engineering time. And the financial benefit is great. I’m saving money on interest and bank fees to the tune of hundreds or even thousands a year. Everee has allowed us to optimize our cash flow, so we can expand our service offerings.

Worker pay that isn’t stupid slow

Help us put an end to two-week pay cycles for good.