Everee + applicant tracking systems

Seamlessly transition candidates into hired workers

Start and complete onboarding faster

Connecting Everee and your ATS means a more efficient onboarding process. When your ATS notifies Everee that a new worker has been hired, Everee creates the worker in its system and sends an email to begin the onboarding process. Once a worker has completed the necessary tasks, Everee sends a notification back to your ATS that onboarding is complete.

Keep worker details up to date

As worker roles and compensation change, Everee and your ATS stay in communication. If there has been a change in the job and compensation information for a worker, Everee receives a notification from your ATS and updates the worker record to reflect the new information.

Set up takes seconds

Integrating through Zapier doesn’t require developers. You’ll be guided through each step to connect your account.