Daily pay is a no-brainer benefit

Getting paid every day isn’t just a perk. It’s life-changing. With Everee, you can pay your workers every day, even on weekends and holidays. Daily payroll improves employee retention and attracts new talent while cutting out the time-consuming work that comes with a two-week pay period.

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Compete for talent by offering immediate access to pay.
Stay compliant and easily pay contractors and workers on their schedule.
Pay out commissions, tips and bonuses without all the hassle.

Daily. Weekly. On demand.

Your employees choose. We make the advanced payments.

Pay employees faster for work they’ve already done at no cost to them and zero changes to your cash flow. With Everee, your employees pick the pay schedule that works best for them. Or you can choose to pay all workers the same day or the next day after they work.

Consistent fast pay

Employees can choose to consistently get paid daily or weekly instead of your default cycle, giving them the opportunity to better budget and manage their expenses. Or you can choose to pay all workers the same day or day after they work. We make the payments to employees and the withholding tax payments, and then settle up on your standard pay cycle.

On-demand pay when needed

Your standard payroll cycle may work for some employees, but they’re still left struggling when an unexpected expense pops up. With our on-demand solution, employees use our app to track their available balance for work they’ve already done and request an accelerated payment, up to 100% of their earned wages.

Yes, you can have more frequent paydays AND less work

Think of it like cleaning a house. It’s easier to spend a little time picking up every day than waiting to tackle a huge mess after it’s piled up. Pay Your Way works the same way. And it holds employees and their managers accountable for verifying hours in real time, which reduces the risk of inaccurate punches and other errors.

Chip Cookies
“It’s improved how we’re managing our employees from a reporting standpoint and from a number of different areas. The administrative ease Everee provides for me is fantastic. I can approve time in my car anytime.”

Sean Wilson, CEO and co-founder of Chip Cookies who pays all 200+ employees daily

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Other apps have hidden fees. We don’t.

Earned wage access apps charge employees for accelerated payments and only allow them to access a portion of their estimated earnings. Everee is different because:

  • No fee for employee or employer
  • Access to 100% of verified earned wages
  • One seamless app experience
  • Multiple flexible pay options
  • No change to company cash flow

Transform your business

Improve employee satisfaction
Attract more job applicants
Simplify payroll proccess