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6 ways Everee is different than traditional payroll providers


Faster pay with no extra cost to you or your workers

Fast pay is what we’re all about. We know your workers want it, and offering it can help your business stand out, hire faster and retain your best people. With Everee, you can pay your workforce as often as daily. Workers can choose how fast they want to get paid or request their pay on demand. It’s complete flexibility based on the needs of your workers.


Opportunity to improve your cash flow

Paying your workers before the business gets paid is tough. That’s why we offer Everee Credit to customers who qualify. With Credit, we fund faster pay to your workers using our credit network. You pay us later, after you invoice accounts or on your usual pay cycle. It frees up your cash flow to invest in your business and better support your customers.


Fast and low-cost implementation

On average, it takes just 3 weeks for new payroll customers to implement Everee. During the onboarding process, you’ll have a dedicated Customer Success team member walk you through setup and answer any questions you have. We have a tool to quickly upload your worker information, and easy worker self-onboarding to take some of the load off of you. Our one-time implementation fee starts at just $500.


No hidden fees and add-ons

When you purchase Everee, all the goodness we offer is included in your price. We don’t charge extra for tax filings, integrations or year-end 1099 and W2s – or for core features like scheduling, time clock and benefits administration.


Easy-to-use platform and mobile app

Unlike legacy payroll systems that have complex processes and hard-to-navigate interfaces, our app is built like a consumer app, making it quick to adopt. We have a mobile app so it’s easy to verify hours or run payroll from anywhere in just a couple of swipes. With integrated scheduling, time tracking and manager verification, you’ll have everything you need to manage and pay your workers at your fingertips.


Help from real people

Our customer success team is made up of people with deep experience in payroll and finance, and they’re never more than an email or phone call away.

Everee vs. other solutions
on software review sites

Everee vs other solutions

Easy to use from day one

Everee is easier to use than ADP or Paychex. I have used both, and find that Everee allows greater access to my payroll records. In addition, when there were problems with payroll taxes, Everee jumped right in and helped me fix the issue. I did not find that level of service with big payroll providers

Marc Christensen,Owner at Dented Brick Distillery

When other solutions
might be better for you

We know most comparison pages are biased. After all, we think our product is the best. But, we know we’re not for everyone.

If your payroll platform needs to include a learning management system or performance management, then we might not be for you. We specialize in payroll for companies that have large 1099 contractor or hourly workforces. For salaried employees, you’ll have to manage benefits through an integration with your broker. Our customers think this is no big deal because it’s easy to manage employee data, synchronize benefits deductions and do open enrollment.