Workforce payments
that work for you

Whether you have 20 workers or 20,000,
you can pay people every day in just minutes with Everee.


Solutions to scale with your business

HR & payroll

A full-service platform to track time, schedule and pay 1099 and W-2 workers


APIs to streamline and automate onboarding and payment workflows

workforce payments

Embeddable components to deliver a worker pay experience in your own app or platform


Pay a lot of people without a lot of work

For businesses with large contingent workforces, paying quickly after a shift or job is completed is critical. These workers want and need their pay fast. With technology solutions, including flexible APIs and embeddable workforce payments, we make this possible without making your life harder.


Spend less time on
payroll & more time
on your business

Still cutting paper checks, paying workers every two weeks or dealing with multiple tools to manage your business? Our full-service platform will improve your operations and speed up pay to your employees and contractors.

Businesses across the U.S.
are fans of fast pay

'With Everee, paying delivery drivers is much easier, and we can do it daily, which is critical to competing with the larger companies like Uber and DoorDash. It’s allowed us to optimize our cash flow, so we can consider expanding our service offerings'

Chris Heffernan Dlivrd
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'Everee has been huge. I think it’s a pretty big competitive advantage for us. It’s a weapon that we are able to utilize against more old-school staffing companies and employers.'

Davis Waddell CEO of Tend
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Helping these industries
recruit & retain the best

Transportation & delivery
Gig & labor marketplaces
Door-to-door sales
Transportation & delivery

Be the business every
driver wants to work for

Faster pay means happier drivers. That’s why transportation and delivery companies turn to Everee to streamline their operations while speeding up pay.

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