Making payroll painless: Introducing geotagging in Everee

Construction workers. Landscapers. Couriers. Cleaners. Home contractors. These roles—and many more—are always on the move. And more workers are joining the mobile ranks as industries shift to remote collaboration and encourage working from home. To ensure workers are on site, companies rely on geofencing. Geofencing requires a worker’s location to be tracked relative to a […]

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9 signs it’s time to switch payroll providers

switch payroll provider signs

Change is hard. Nowhere is this more true than when you need to decide to switch payroll providers. How do you know when your current system isn’t working for you? And what kind of functionality should you look for in other options? Start by discussing the needs, challenges and preferences with your payroll admin or […]

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Who is exempt from AB5?

Who is exempt form AB5?

California’s Assembly Bill 5 (AB5) is one of the least understood pieces of legislation to hit the state of California in years. Many are wondering: What is AB5? Who is exempt from AB5? And will those exemptions change? Because it’s brand new, there is little in the way of history to help with interpreting the […]

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