Not all accelerated pay is created equal: Questions to ask about earned wage access programs


Employees are tired of waiting two weeks to get paid. And it’s no surprise why. 72% of employees stress about personal financial issues while at work, and 78% live paycheck to paycheck. Giving employees access to their earnings more frequently than every two weeks is one of the best ways to empower them financially and […]

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How to switch payroll providers: A step-by-step guide

So, you want to switch payroll companies?   Switching payroll companies is an exciting step for a growing business, but it can come with complications. The core of your business is tied up in your payroll provider, so untangling yourself from an existing system and starting fresh is no small task. Of course, a switch is […]

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Making time clock easier with terminals in Everee

At Everee, we know payroll administrators are superheroes. They make sure workers are paid on time, while always being on the lookout for errors. Battling difficult (and ever changing) tax regulations is just part of the job. And they’re frequently rescuing companies from confusing compliance issues. But there’s one superpower we know payroll admins don’t […]

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How to choose a payroll software: A complete guide for businesses

Payroll. Just the word itself can bring to mind lots of paperwork and processes. If your business has grown to the point where a payroll system makes sense or you’re seeing the signs it’s time to switch payroll providers, you’ve arrived at critical decision. Selecting the right payroll software for your business can minimize the […]

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9 signs it’s time to switch payroll providers

switch payroll provider signs

Change is hard. Nowhere is this more true than when you need to decide to switch payroll providers. How do you know when your current system isn’t working for you? And what kind of functionality should you look for in other options? Start by discussing the needs, challenges and preferences with your payroll admin or […]

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