9 signs it’s time to switch payroll providers

switch payroll provider signs

Change is hard. Nowhere is this more true than when you need to decide to switch payroll providers. How do you know when your current system isn’t working for you? And what kind of functionality should you look for in other options? Start by discussing the needs, challenges and preferences with your payroll admin or […]

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Payroll software: A buying guide for small businesses

Payroll. Just the word itself can mean many things to a small business owner. What it often brings to mind are administrative headaches, immovable deadlines, compliance requirements, lots of paperwork and inefficient processes. But if you find the right payroll software, it won’t be as daunting as you think.  If your small business has grown […]

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Flexible pay vs. earned wage access: 4 key benefits

With changing work environments comes the need for changing payment structures. Consumer expectations for accelerated pay is growing, thanks to peer-to-peer payment apps like Venmo and a rise in freelance and gig work. Workers today want to get paid quickly, and flexible pay is the most efficient and effective way to meet their needs.  Defining […]

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Payroll automation saves Tom’s Sunday evenings


CPA Tom Colligan handles payroll and accounting for Step Mountain Medical, which also happens to be his father-in-law’s clinic. Every two weeks, he went through the same manual processes: Sifting through boxes of paper. Reviewing timesheets, recalculating time and researching discrepancies. Entering information into a spreadsheet. Creating and printing checks for every employee. It would […]

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