November 9, 2023Payroll

Go from manual to magical with AI-powered Auto Payroll

Getting payroll right is critical for every business. But it can also be time-consuming and tedious. Not anymore.

I’m thrilled to introduce Everee’s Auto Payroll.

Our AI technology learns your company’s payroll history, enabling it to spot any irregularities in pay. It automatically flags these discrepancies for review, ensuring that every paycheck is accurate. And if no abnormalities exist, payroll runs automatically, with absolutely zero work required. 

Bottom line: It turns running payroll into a magic act. 

How it works: AI-powered abnormality detection

Our AI analyzes an employee’s past payment history and establishes what a typical payment is for that specific worker. It employs a statistical algorithm to assess whether the current payment falls within an acceptable range based on their previous pay records. The beauty of it all? Our user-friendly app allows you to customize how strict or lenient this range should be.

Auto Payroll is all about simplifying the process while maintaining precision and control. We automatically exclude employees from the pre-approval process if there have been any modifications to their account since their last payment – this could include changes in pay rate, benefits, new hires, or terminations. 

You get real-time updates on how the process is going and if there are any abnormalities to review. All payments that aren’t flagged are processed automatically. This means if there aren’t any issues, your people will get paid without you ever logging in.

Making fuss-free daily payroll a reality

When payroll runs like magic, paying people more often is a no-brainer. 

Auto Payroll is perfect for companies that offer daily payroll for either salaried or hourly employees. That means you can reap the benefits of paying people more often–easier hiring and improved retention–without the added headache of thinking about payroll daily. When your workers don’t have to wait weeks for their paychecks, their morale skyrockets and they have more financial freedom. 

The future of payroll: More paydays, less work

AI-powered payroll is the lastest way we’re realizing our vision of fast pay for every employee. Auto Payroll takes the stress out of ensuring every run is accurate and timely, so paying your people daily has never been easier. At Everee, we’re not just trying to make payroll less painful, we want to take running payroll off your to-do list entirely. We’re one step closer today. 

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