November 1, 2023News

Improving the caregiver experience with quick, predictable pay

Caregivers — folks who assist clients with short-term and long-term physical or intellectual disabilities — are in high demand today. As the U.S. population continues to age, the caregiving market is expected to keep growing at a steady clip, with caregivers providing vital services to those in need.

To help the healthcare industry overcome caregiver staffing challenges, giv. — a tech company that connects caregivers with folks who need their assistance through mobile technology — was born.

“Caregivers are underpaid and overworked,” says Wade Kelson, president and COO of Giv. “We saw that there was a need for disruption because they needed to be paid more. The last thing a caregiver wants to do is worry about their check coming in. Caregiving is hard enough; getting paid for caregiving should be easy.”

Putting 200 caregivers to work every day

According to Jenalyn Thiriot, customer success lead, giv. fills 200 caregiver shifts every day. To fulfill their mission of helping caregivers earn more money, giv. was looking for a solution that would enable them to pay workers quickly — one that didn’t require tons of manual intervention.

After surveying the market for flexible payment solutions, the team came across Everee, which enables companies to pay W-2 and 1099 workers instantly. Liking what they saw, they deployed the platform and haven’t looked back since.

“If we didn’t have Everee, we’d be looking at manually tracking all of those hours, 200 shifts a day, and then moving them over to payroll software to get those workers paid,” Thiriot says. “We pay weekly, which is huge for caregivers in our industry. We look at timesheets each week, make sure they’re correct, process them, approve them, and our caregivers get paid. It’s that simple.”

In addition to facilitating caregiver payments, Everee also handles administrative tasks that are often time-consuming.

“Everee handles wage garnishments on their end,” she continues. “We plug in the information, and they take care of the rest of the process.”

Simply put, Everee makes life easier for both the giv. team and its caregivers.

“Being able to go into Everee and run payroll whenever we need to is so awesome,” Thiriot explains. “It’s timely and it’s fast.”

Connecting Everee with other tools without any hiccups 

Andrew Chen, CTO of giv., was particularly impressed by the ease with which he and his team were able to connect Everee to other tools in their tech stack via an API.

“We use Everee’s APIs to manage everything when it comes to hours tracking, payroll management, and paying out our caregivers,” Chen explains. “It was really easy to integrate into our systems.”

In the past, it’s taken the giv. team two or three weeks to onboard new workers. Everee’s extensibility has enabled them to rapidly accelerate the onboarding process.

“Since we are able to integrate Everee into our onboarding system through the use of Everee’s employee and worker APIs, we cut this process down to two or three hours,” Chen says.

Making life easier for caregivers with fast access to funds

As a caregiver who works as a contractor in the medical field, Kristi Hofmann is a big fan of giv., which allows her to work one-on-one with clients, making use of all of her skills.

As contractors know too well, waiting to get paid is a significant challenge — one that’s considerably harder in an era of persistent inflation. And in the world of caregiving, waiting for money is even more difficult.

“I need to be able to access my funds,” Hofmann says. “A lot of the time, I use my funds for transportation or activities and needs for the client.” 

With Everee processing payments, Hofmann gets the peace of mind that predictable payments provides.

“I’m able to view my earnings and view my teams,” she says.

Setting up for scale

In Everee, the giv. team has found a true partner — one that can keep pace with them as they continue growing their operations.

“Everee’s ability to scale with us as a company is an ace in partnerships,” Kelson says. “It’s the perfect collaboration.”

The way Thiriot sees it, the automation Everee delivers has made the giv. team confident that they can grow their business without any payroll-related headaches.

“We could double or triple or wherever our numbers go — whatever help is needed in this industry, we can get there because we use Everee,” Thiriot concludes.

To learn more about Everee can help your company simplify payroll and ensure your workers are paid faster, request a demo today.