April 20, 2021News

Streamline the way you build & manage work schedules

Creating work schedules is complicated. Managing your team’s availability, forecasting labor costs, and approving swaps and time-off requests can easily add hours to your already heavy workload. When you add in the need to schedule multiple locations and roles, it can feel totally overwhelming. We want to make running your business as easy as possible, which is why we’re making scheduling a part of Everee’s platform. 

Scheduling that saves time and money 

With scheduling in Everee, you can see everything they need to know about your business schedule in one place. No more spreadsheets or forms floating around and making schedule management painfully complex. Everything about the scheduling process is digital (and mobile!), so you can build and manage schedules easier than ever before.  

In the calendar view, you can instantly understand the outstanding needs of your schedule and anticipate staffing issues. Individual shifts on the calendar alert you to needed approvals and can store notes about the shift. You can also view availability of different workers and filter the calendar by worker group, e.g. drivers and bakers. 

Because Everee’s scheduling tool is connected to timesheets and payroll, you can forecast labor costs and feel confident you’re staying in budget with a real-time view of projected and actual hours and projected and actual gross pay amounts.

Make changes and approvals in a few clicks 

Whether on-location or on-the-go, you and your team members can view work schedules and make and manage requests from anywhere. With mobile tools, everyone spends less time finding scheduling information and following up on changes. 

For coverage requests, you can see shift details, earnings and workers who have requested to cover the shift in a single view. With this information, you can ensure shifts are covered by workers who have eligible hours. You can also review and manage requests from your mobile device, so schedules don’t get held up.

For workers, their upcoming shift information is front and center when they open the app. Workers can also see the amount of time they’ve worked and click into the team schedule if they want to pick up a shift. Requesting coverage, swapping shifts, adding unavailable time or requesting PTO can all happen in the app, too.

Successfully manage schedules as you scale

We know that as businesses grow, workers can be spread across cities and states. Scheduling in Everee alleviates the headache of juggling schedules for multiple locations and teams within those sites. When admins navigate to scheduling, they’ll see a bird’s eye view of multiple locations, so important alerts don’t get lost in the scheduling shuffle. Whether you’re on a single site or have your workforce spread throughout the country, you’ll always know how many hands are at work in a given week and what your costs will be.

With Everee, leaders have all their solutions in one place  

We know that piecing together point solutions for scheduling, time clock, payroll and more is expensive and time consuming. Jumping in and out of tools and constantly updating integrations takes critical time away from running a successful business. Scheduling is fully integrated with Everee’s payroll and time tracking tools, so you have everything they need to manage and pay workers. We’d love to show you how scheduling works up close. Sign up to get a demo here