January 9, 2020Payroll

Payroll automation saves Tom’s Sunday evenings

CPA Tom Colligan handles payroll and accounting for Step Mountain Medical, which also happens to be his father-in-law’s clinic.

Every two weeks, he went through the same manual processes: Sifting through boxes of paper. Reviewing timesheets, recalculating time and researching discrepancies. Entering information into a spreadsheet. Creating and printing checks for every employee. It would take hours—all night, in fact.

Based on the timing, delivering payroll on Monday meant that Tom’s Sunday evenings were booked.

That meant he lost out on valuable time with his wife and five children playing baseball, going to the park or doing puzzles.

“It’s a busy world. It’s a busy time, but we’re trying to prioritize being together as a family,” says Tom.

Automation speeds up and simplifies payroll

Making sure employees get paid on time is important, but running payroll shouldn’t take time away from the things that matter most.

Tom was looking for ways to simplify the payroll process when he heard about Everee from a former coworker. Everee is an easy-to-use payroll platform that allows businesses to run payroll from anywhere in minutes.

“When I heard about Everee, I told father-in-law, ‘Hey, we need to do this, it’s a good idea because it’s going to save time and money.’ My time and his money, so it worked,” says Tom.

Set up was simple. Tom and the clinic employees simply entered their tax and payroll info, including W-4s and direct deposit details, and they were up and running in no time.

“The Everee process for me is slick and easy,” says Tom. “Because it’s all automated and everything is online, I just log into Everee, review each person’s payroll time, push approve, and the money goes. That’s really all there is.”

Clinic employees appreciate the simplified approach. They enter their time from their mobile device or the office computer, and their checks are deposited automatically.

From hours to minutes

And what used to take Tom all evening—and take him away from his family—now takes about 15 minutes.

“Everee saved Sunday evenings for us, and made it so I can spend the time with family rather than spend it with the computer,” says Tom. “And with no more paper checks, my wife Stephanie doesn’t have to drive them into the office on Monday mornings—another time-saver for us.”

The time savings were so significant for Tom that he was able to offset the cost of bringing Everee to the clinic, which meant his father-in-law didn’t end up paying more out of pocket.

“I don’t know of any other payroll system that comes at such a reasonable cost,” says Tom.

Watch Tom’s full story below.