September 2, 2021News

Product round-up: What’s new in Everee

We’re excited to share a collection of new features in Everee that business owners and payroll administrators can use to make paying their workers even easier. 

New tools like org charts and profile pictures help teams quickly understand reporting structures and see their colleagues. 

We’ve also made updates to existing features to improve the experience of running your business. The People page, scheduling and returned payments have all been upgraded, so you can get more work done in less time. 

Below is a breakdown of all of Everee’s releases this past month along with links to learn more. If you’re not using Everee yet, sign up to talk with our team

New tools for improved people management

Org chart

You can now view your workers in an organizational chart, which allows you to see how teammates are organized at your company and see direct reports. Learn more

People page updates

We’ve made some major upgrades to the People page including new global search, better filtering and contextual information, allowing you to see the most important information and reducing navigation. Learn more

Profile pictures

Workers can now add their profile pictures, which allows you and teammates to easily identify colleagues. These images are viewable by everyone and can be done from the My Account page. Have your team get started. 

Automated onboarding reminders

Did you know that Everee automatically resends onboarding emails if workers don’t claim their profile? We’ve taken the hassle of nudging your new workers. Learn more. 

Worker uploader (beta)

This is a great feature for growing companies. We have released (beta) a new tool which allows you to add multiple workers at once. If you are interested in joining the beta let us know.  Learn more

General release of scheduling includes new functionality

Open shifts and coverage requests

With this new addition, scheduling is now out of beta. We announced scheduling earlier this year, and now workers can submit coverage requests and see open shifts that they can claim.  Learn more.

Making payments even easier

Returned payments 

Returned payments are a hassle, so now we’re improving the process. When a payment to a worker fails it’s usually due to a bad bank account number. Everee now automatically messages the worker, and we’ll notify the admin to help correct it.  Learn more.

Want to see all our new features in action? Book a demo of Everee now