October 14, 2021HR & Benefits

Product round-up: What’s new in Everee in October

We’ve released new features to make onboarding and managing workers even easier. Workers can now sign necessary documents, complete tax forms and acknowledge policies all within Everee’s onboarding process. These new features are designed to save you time and keep you organized as you bring workers up to speed.

Below are more details about our new releases along with links to helpful documentation. If you manage workers and aren’t using Everee yet, sign up to talk with our team

Tax document signing

During worker onboarding, Everee collects the necessary information to calculate taxes. Now we’ve added the ability for workers to sign the necessary tax documents. During the onboarding process, new workers will be asked to complete the following: 

  • Federal forms (W-4 and W-9). Learn more here.
  • State forms. Learn more here.
Tax document signing in the worker onboarding process is easy with Everee.

I-9 form collection and signing

You can now collect and manage all of your I-9 documentation with Everee. New workers will be asked to complete sections 1 and 2 of the I-9, as well as provide the necessary documentation. 

Workers can add information to their I-9 forms with Everee.

Please note you will still have to complete the E-Verify, but we’ve provided a way to acknowledge you’ve completed the check and upload any documents related to the E-Verify. 

Because this is a manual process for many, you can also control the use of this feature. If you prefer to manage I-9s outside of Everee, you can disable I-9 collection in Settings. Learn more here.

Policy acknowledgement

You can now ask workers to sign all of your company policies via Everee. 

Many companies ask new workers to sign company policy documents during onboarding, or they ask existing workers to sign new or modified policies. You can now manage this process, track progress and report on it using Everee, so you can keep your company compliant. Learn more here.

New policy acknowledgement in Everee means workers can sign company documents fast.

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