HR automation: 15 ways businesses can save time

HR automation

Today, business leaders across all industries face tremendous challenges. In addition to inflation and supply chain shortages, many companies are still struggling to hire the workers they need to accomplish their objectives. One recent study, for example, found that 73 percent of companies are having a hard time attracting workers while 61 percent are having […]

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Product round-up: What’s new in Everee in October

We’ve released new features to make onboarding and managing workers even easier. Workers can now sign necessary documents, complete tax forms and acknowledge policies all within Everee’s onboarding process. These new features are designed to save you time and keep you organized as you bring workers up to speed. Below are more details about our […]

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How to attract workers in a labor shortage [Infographic]

Nearly every headline is talking about the worker shortage plaguing the U.S. economy. From hospitality and home services to transportation and dining, companies need to make themselves more attractive to workers who have their pick of jobs today. The reasons why companies are facing such a shortage are varied: poor conditions, low wages, a desire […]

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Worker retention checklist

worker retention checklist

The flexible workforce is here to stay, but developing worker retention strategies for independent contractors and freelancers is a new challenge. Workers are increasingly opting for the freedom that the gig economy offers, which means employers can be selected on a day-by-day or even shift-by-shift basis. While companies benefit from having a flexible workforce by […]

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7 benefits your employees actually want in 2021

better employee benefits

The past decade has seen a revolution in workplace benefits. Companies were competing like never before to attract top talent, and workplace benefits increased to address shifting trends related to motivation, productivity, wellness and balance. Then the events of 2020 happened. Back in March, most companies thought remote work was temporary, but as we head […]

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