September 14, 2021Payroll

Sales pay and motivation statistics you need to know

Commissions, spiffs, bonuses—everyone is trying to motivate salespeople to close more deals and grow businesses bigger. But when salespeople have to wait weeks or months to see the pay off for their hard work, motivation wanes. With traditional pay cycles, businesses risk losing their top sales performers because of outdated compensation policies. So, what do salespeople actually want when it comes to getting paid?

This infographic covers new statistics around pay preferences, motivations and retention for sales reps, including those who work door-to-door jobs. It’s clear that today’s sales workforce wants faster pay, and are highly motivated to work for companies who offer it. Need more research? Check out the full 2021 Sales Pay & Performance Report. And learn more about paying your salespeople their commissions everyday with Everee

Sales pay and motivation statistics