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We’re committed to giving workers what they earn as they earn it.

Why we exist

Why we exist

Pay is personal. People count on their pay to support their families, fund their dreams and live their best lives. And yet, most people have to wait weeks to get paid.

We’re changing that.

We empower people to get paid when they earn it. And we do it without creating operational headaches or cash flow issues for their employers. Because it’s the 21st century. Let’s stop paying people like we did in 1950.

How we got here

Taking out a payday loan to make a credit card payment. Having to choose between making rent or fixing your car. Worrying if the groceries will stretch a few more days. These are situations no one should be in. And they’re often avoidable.

Everee’s aha moment came when a concerned parent was helping out his daughter. She had just left home to go to college and earned enough to cover her expenses, but she kept running out of money because the timing of her payday and bills didn’t match. He did some digging and realized what a huge problem this was for so many Americans. He wanted to challenge the status quo and change the way people are paid while also improving the payroll experience for companies. So he started Everee.

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