Worker retention checklist

worker retention checklist

The flexible workforce is here to stay, but developing worker retention strategies for independent contractors and freelancers is a new challenge. Workers are increasingly opting for the freedom that the gig economy offers, which means employers can be selected on a day-by-day or even shift-by-shift basis. While companies benefit from having a flexible workforce by […]

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3 trends shaping gig work in 2021

gig worker survey

Today we’re sharing Everee’s first annual Gig Worker Survey Report. In this report, we surveyed over 400 gig workers in the United States to better understand the needs of the newest essential workforce.  We found that gig workers need ways to improve financial health. The majority of those surveyed say they’re in the same or […]

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Know where hours go with project tracking and billing

Time is money. No one knows that better than your payroll and finance team. For businesses like home services, construction, consulting and more, keeping track of time means everything when it comes to billing clients. That’s why we’re excited to release project tracking and billing—a seamless part of Everee’s payroll platform that helps leaders see […]

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