How to build a labor pool for service marketplaces

how to build a labor pool

Over the last few years, service marketplaces have gained popularity after the success of companies like Uber, TaskRabbit and Fiver. And more startups are cropping up to fill needs for labor in unique niches like stadium staffing, home care, delivery, and more. So, what is the one crucial thing that service marketplaces need to scale? Labor. Booming service-based marketplaces need […]

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A husband-and-wife team scales a logistics company with faster pay, flexible credit

DeDe McGraw-Maxey is an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur.  She and her husband, Mitchell Maxey, are the founders of Maxey McGraw Industries (MMI), a logistics company based in Texas that specializes in transportation services, staffing and administration. The company is also launching an online learning platform where people can sign up for courses and learn how to build […]

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How to create a 1099 form

how to create a 1099

With nearly 51 million independent contractors working in the U.S. today, chances are your company or small business is paying a 1099 worker. And those payments—whether to a consultant, freelancer or gig worker—need to be reported to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) using 1099 forms. This post will review the most common 1099 forms, worker […]

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What employers need to know about earned wage access

earned wage access

For many workers, waiting 2 weeks or more to get their paychecks leaves them in a bind. Growing credit card balances, overdraft fees and payday loans become critical to make end’s meet. To fill the gap between bills being due and paychecks hitting the bank account, new financial alternatives have popped up to ease cash […]

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