October 13, 2020News

Integrating Everee + QuickBooks Online for faster payroll

We know finance teams want to spend more time planning, running and optimizing their business and less time doing manual data entry. That’s why we’re excited to share that Everee’s payroll platform integrates with QuickBooks Online for even more time savings.

Our integration saves your finance team the hassle of having to manually create journal entries into your QuickBooks Online account from existing payroll data by automatically exporting your information from Everee directly into QuickBooks Online. With automatic exporting, there’s less opportunity for errors and way less time spent manually punching in numbers. And we went the extra mile to ensure that our integration includes class level support. (We couldn’t take the easy way out, you’re too important to us!)

How the Everee + QuickBooks Online integration works

The Everee and QuickBooks Online integration connects your QuickBooks Online account to your Everee account and automatically creates (and syncs at your preferred cadence) accounting journal entries. When configuring the integration, administrators enter preferred account mappings that are used to map journal entry line debits and credits into specific general ledger accounts.

Journal entries can be reviewed inside the Everee web app with a button in the integration settings screen. These journal entries can be sent individually to QuickBooks Online using a click of a button or configured to automatically sync. You choose the preference. By clicking into a journal entry you can see the line items at a glance, which you can rely on to match the journal entry that will be posted to QuickBooks.

Accelerated payroll with Quickbooks Online 

Customers using Everee’s accelerated payroll feature, Pay Your Way, and QuickBooks Online have the benefit of complete accuracy and consistency of daily payroll expenses, payroll liabilities between Everee and their QuickBooks Online journal. Because Everee’s Pay Your Way solution is integrated tightly with payroll, this information is seamlessly available, unlike other accelerated pay solutions in the market. 

Get started with Everee and Quickbooks Online

Using Everee means you’re already saving time by managing payroll, time-tracking and other HR tasks in one place. Using Everee’s QuickBooks Online integration means you’ll be able to streamline even more by easily sharing data across your financial tools. 

Here are the steps for getting started:

  1. Are you an Everee customer? Basic and Premium accounts have access to this integration. 
  2. Confirm you have Everee admin permissions to start the integration process from your Everee account. 
  3. On the Everee Integration page, select QuickBooks Online and receive a prompt to log into your account.
  4. Map the Everee fields to the QuickBooks Online fields.

Are you looking for a payroll solution that integrates with your QuickBooks Online account? We’d love to show you Everee.