On-Demand Pay: Flexible Pay vs. Earned Wage Access

on-demand pay options explained

In an age where just 39 percent of Americans could absorb an unexpected $1,000 expense — and 54 percent are living paycheck to paycheck — it comes as no surprise that workers today are turning to on-demand pay options.   Instead of waiting weeks or even longer to receive the money they’re owed, workers want to […]

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Sales pay and motivation statistics you need to know

sales pay statistics

Commissions, spiffs, bonuses—everyone is trying to motivate salespeople to close more deals and grow businesses bigger. But when salespeople have to wait weeks or months to see the pay off for their hard work, motivation wanes. With traditional pay cycles, businesses risk losing their top sales performers because of outdated compensation policies. So, what do […]

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Product round-up: What’s new in Everee

We’re excited to share a collection of new features in Everee that business owners and payroll administrators can use to make paying their workers even easier.  New tools like org charts and profile pictures help teams quickly understand reporting structures and see their colleagues.  We’ve also made updates to existing features to improve the experience […]

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