Making time clock easier with terminals in Everee

At Everee, we know payroll administrators are superheroes. They make sure workers are paid on time, while always being on the lookout for errors. Battling difficult (and ever changing) tax regulations is just part of the job. And they’re frequently rescuing companies from confusing compliance issues. But there’s one superpower we know payroll admins don’t […]

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AB5’s ABC test explained

ab5 abc test

At the center of California’s AB5 law, also known as the ‘gig worker law,’ is worker classification. The law aims to define who is an employee and who is an independent contractor in California. Worker classification under AB5 is done via the application of the ABC test, a three-part legal test used to determine if […]

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Integrating Everee + QuickBooks Online for faster payroll

everee quickbooks online integration

We know finance teams want to spend more time planning, running and optimizing their business and less time doing manual data entry. That’s why we’re excited to share that Everee’s payroll platform integrates with QuickBooks Online for even more time savings. Our integration saves your finance team the hassle of having to manually create journal […]

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How to choose a payroll software: A complete guide for businesses

Payroll. Just the word itself can bring to mind lots of paperwork and processes. If your business has grown to the point where a payroll system makes sense or you’re seeing the signs it’s time to switch payroll providers, you’ve arrived at critical decision. Selecting the right payroll software for your business can minimize the […]

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