October 20, 2020Payroll

Making time clock easier with terminals in Everee

At Everee, we know payroll administrators are superheroes. They make sure workers are paid on time, while always being on the lookout for errors. Battling difficult (and ever changing) tax regulations is just part of the job. And they’re frequently rescuing companies from confusing compliance issues.

But there’s one superpower we know payroll admins don’t have: the ability to be everywhere at once. That’s why we built terminals in Everee.

Terminal management can happen from anywhere

Terminals allow admins to manage all of their time clocks remotely. Payroll admins are able to create infinite locations and terminals based on company needs. Remote management comes in handy when companies have multiple locations, whether they’re 2 or 200 miles apart. 

Everee’s cloud-based terminals mean that admins can log on to manage terminals instead of traveling to fix an issue in-person or relying on a local specialist to perform a service call. There’s no need to be in-person for terminal setup, either. In just a few minutes, admins can fire up a new time clock in any designated location. And rebooting a system can be done in just a few clicks, too. 

Terminals improve the worker experience

Terminals are designed to be easy to use for workers, as well as admins. Terminals allow hourly workers to clock in and out from a company provided device like a computer or tablet (this is especially helpful if workers don’t have a smart device). 

Clocking in and out at an Everee Terminal is simple: workers simply login using their phone number along with a 4 digit pin. If employees would like to access their pay stubs, request time-off, get paid instantly, and more, they can navigate to the Everee app on their browser or open up the Everee app on their mobile device. 

Terminals also work seamlessly with geotagging. Admins can be assured that employees are where they say they are, because access to a terminal is only available through a single device and only admins can create new terminals. 

In the 21st century, time tracking should work with your payroll 

Even in 2020, many businesses use mechanical time clock machines against the recommendation of their payroll admins. With growing demands placed payroll teams, time (and patience) is running out for the traditional time clock. 

Yes, mechanical systems have higher costs due to third-party hardware and maintenance, but costs aren’t only related to equipment. Mechanical time clocks are unable to integrate with other workforce management tools like payroll and HR software costing payroll admins precious time.

When your payroll software is tightly integrated with your time tracking and HR tools, data entry and paperwork is greatly reduced, freeing up payroll admins to spend more of their time on high impact projects. Operations also run more smoothly thanks to greater accuracy. Everee offers payroll, time tracking and HR in a single platform to make payroll management as simple as possible. We also integrate with tools like QuickBooks Online and Employee Navigator, so all your systems are connected and you can see everything you need to see in one place. 

Giving payroll admins power to do their jobs better

Terminals in Everee give payroll admins the ability to be wherever the business needs them to be. Whether it’s creating a new terminal because of expanding locations or answering the call of time clock troubleshooting, payroll admins have the power to manage a flexible, yet powerful, time clock system from anywhere. When payroll admins are given the tools to be more effective at their jobs, it unleashes productivity gains that makes the workplace better for everyone.

Want to be the hero of your payroll team? Get in touch to check out terminals yourself. And if you’re already an Everee customer, terminal management is available now