Paying daily to retain 20% more drivers, compete with gig economy giants

Providing delectable food and great service is the heartbeat of many large catering companies and restaurants. Growing a business through repeat orders and new customers also takes the ability to scale quickly and deliver orders lightning fast, especially during peak hours.  It’s the new normal since Uber, DoorDash and other on-demand delivery models have disrupted […]

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2 affordable benefits employees actually want


Let’s talk about employee retention and turnover. 81% of small business owners say that turnover is costly and 79.3% of them say it’s detrimental to business growth. That’s according to a June 2019 Zenefits study.  But here’s the thing, 77% of the reasons employees quit could have been prevented by the employer. That’s according to […]

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3 signs it’s time to change payroll companies

Mobile payroll

What if running payroll was as quick and easy as ordering takeout or a ride? Every other industry has simplified their processes and improved their user experiences by leveraging digital technology, but many payroll providers are still stuck in the past, which means it might be time to change payroll companies. Good payroll platforms that […]

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